If you are following our blog then you must know by this time what is a giveaway. And also chances are that you are also knowing the benefits of conducting a giveaway. Now let’s dive in more and know more the reasons why to run a Giveaway in your blog or websites should be your primary preference.

Gone are those days when traditional marketing skills are implemented for brand promotion. Now the time has come for Digital Marketing and Digital technology. And you also need to implement these new digital techniques in your blog or website in order to be in the competition. Again I must tell you that you don’t need to be an internet marketer to do the things. A little understanding of the techniques will give you awesome results.

The proverb “ Jack of all trades and master of none” needs to be revised and the revised version is “ Jack of all trades and master of all (maybe little)”. Just focusing on SEO, being active in social media, running monthly webinars are some of the techniques which help you to maintain your stand on the internet. But apart from that many, more things are also there which we are not aware of. One such technique is running a Giveaway.

You heard it right! It’s a free Giveaway.

You may not have taken it as an option, or rather may have ignored it. And little things are often ignored without even realizing its advantages. Same goes for Giveaway also. This giveaway may be a common term for many but it has the potential to do wonders. And its time to know about the real potential of running a giveaway.

In the long run, you’ll definitely the amazing results of your investment in these giveaways. The thing is you need to understand it first and then strategically plan accordingly. There is no sure shot method for anybody which will definitely work for you. As some make-work wonders while some will not give the fruit it is intended to give. But one thing for sure that you will have a lot of experience and which will help you to promote your blog to a larger audience.

Later below are some of the reasons you might think about running a giveaway.

Why running a giveaway is a nice idea?

There are several important reasons that why running a giveaway is a nice idea in digital marketing. Here now we will be focusing upon those reasons, without making any more excuses lets get started.

1. Growing your network.

If you really want to grow your network then running a successful giveaway will definitely help you in reaching that. Here you can create criteria of following your social media profile as to gain more points, as a result of which you can see you social media accounts gaining much popularity while the promotion is going on, it’s a win-win situation for all of us, isn’t it.

2. Generate leads.

You must be worrying about not having a emails list for any promotion. As a result, you fail dearly in making a conversion. Here giveaways and sweepstakes can do wonders for you in growing leads and increase the number of email list subscribers. You can say it’s a lead generation secret weapon. And there is no doubt about that.

3. Saving your precious money.

If you haven’t run any giveaway yet then you have no idea about the expenditure you will have running one. As a result, you may think of it’s as an expensive option in digital marketing. But that’s not the case as running a giveaway can be an inexpensive & cost-effective marketing channel. It just depends upon you that how much budget you want to allocate for your upcoming giveaway.

Some successful giveaways are very low in cost and are quite predictable. Here you need to just budget it in advance, the cost of reward, how you are going to market it, and at the same time what is the amount of time you want to spend in the process of managing it.

4. Branding your product and increase its exposure.

If you have planned to launch your product with the giveaway, then it will surely have a positive impact on your branding. And winning a nice product in the giveaway creates amazement in the people participating in it, as the product is new and everyone is interested in trying it first.

Simultaneously you can gain a lot of exposure regarding your product and which is very nice for your branding.

5. Time to pay back to your fans.

If you are in this field for quite a time, then you can understand the value of something which is given for free. It’s a great source of motivation for many, as it shows you love and care for them. It’s not just the rewards but its more than that. So ultimately running a giveaway is a great way to show your appreciation for them and you don’t want to miss this opportunity I guess.

6. Helps in saving Save time & headaches.

Compare to other ways of promotion and techniques, running a giveaway is totally a non-tech thing. For this you don’t require a lot of technical knowledge, even a non-tech person can do it easily. Again you don’t need much amount of time in doing that, as the period of time spent into creating and launching a giveaway promotion is relatively low. So without having to worry you can do it using available free software.

7. Great to have some fun.

It’s true that everyone loves the chance of winning! And everyone wants to try their luck. As these giveaways are generally free of cost and these are very easy to participate in. Again for the organizers also it’s a win-win situation for them, as they might get the pleasure of delivering the good news to the winners and simultaneously it’s good for branding and connection with fellow viewers. So you can have a great time conducting one.

8. Gives a boost to your community.

If you think that your group has been dead since a long time and members are not excited in communicating with each other, then running a giveaway will surely can get your fans excited, running a giveaway will get them chatting. So it has so much to offer then why not give it a try for once.


I hope till now after reading this you must have a complete idea of why you should run a Giveaway. And why it’s a good idea to conduct one. So I guess you now know the real reasons behind it. And that’s the real motive of me of educating you and people like you about the giveaway.

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