Whenever anything is given for free, it obviously attracts customers towards itself. Because its a natural trend in us human than free things are more attractive to us than those paid items. Our brain works in that mechanism only where our body doesn’t have to do the hard work in order to gain something but in the giveaway that thing is freely presented to without any cost.

According to the dictionary, Giveaway is something that is given to a customer for free. Be it anything small or big that doesn’t matter. Technically speaking, the giveaway means its a promotional drawing where a prize is presented to the chosen participants from a pool of entries at a random drawing. Its totally matter of chance to win a Giveaway as it’s done in a random manner, but yes if you have more points in the drawing that you have better chances to win that giveaway.

What are Giveaways?

Giveaways are those free things which are generally presented by the companies to their users. This is done in order to increase the number of sales. Or we can say that it’s actually a sales growth hack which is utilized by the underperforming companies.

Also, the giveaways are not limited to companies alone but now many websites, blogs, youtube channels, facebook groups, Instagram personalities, twitter personalities are also providing giveaways to their viewers. By doing this they not only increase the number of followers but also their viewers are happy to get the chance of winning anytime.

How do Giveaways work?

The working of giveaways is very simple and noteworthy. Here first the item which is given as the giveaway is listed in the website or blog. So that it will create the need for winning among the viewers. After that, the giveaway issuer will create some rules in order to participate in the giveaways. Like who all are allowed to participate here, how long this giveaway will run, how to score the maximum points and increase the chance of winning like that.

In the giveaway, many tasks are included for the participants so that they can increase their points. For each task, a fixed point is assigned and it is mentioned there. So the participants know it well which tasks he/she can perform to get the maximum points. Rest it depends upon the participants as for how he uses his mind and time to score the maximum.

And if he is able to score the maximum points then his chances of winning increases manifold. Rest you need to read and again reread the rules of the giveaway more than once as there used to be some tricky tasks which many used to ignore, but if you pay attention to that then obviously you will get the hidden meaning and increase your chances of winning.

Features of Giveaways?

Let’s discuss some of the important features of Giveaways.

Giveaways are a great way to communicate with users. Here we can easily build up our email list, as a result, we can easily communicate with our users when needed.

In the Giveaway we can give our own products to our users also, as a result, it helps us to build the trust with them and simultaneously we can promote our product also, which gives us added benefit.

In the Giveaway, we have a chance to increase our followers to be it in social media or any other platforms. As a result, it helps in increasing our popularity. Our branding is automatically done once the event is over.

Here more people get to know about our brand as many actions here are related to sharing of the product links, as a result, many are interested in doing so and this gives us an edge over the others.

How to participate in a Giveaway?

Participating in a giveaway is actually a very easy task for those who understand how participating is done actually. But many of us are not aware of it since many are participating in it for the very first time.

Nothing to worry at all.

As participating is not a rocket science which only the educated will understand. It’s simple. Many Giveaway creators make it possible for the participants to enter in the event through Facebook login, Email Login or through manual registration.

Mainly these three options are provided by maximum people. And all of them are very easy. Like in the first one you only have to be logging to your Facebook account in order to participate here, whereas in the second method you can log in through your Gmail, rediffmail or any other mail account.

But if you don’t have any of these then also you are able to participate in that, its through manual registration. Here you need to fill up the essential details like name, address, contact number, email id etc.

After filling this information you are good to go. Now comes the second phase where you need to complete the tasks which are provided by the issuer. And in each task some points are attached to it. And in order to be more worthy of winning the giveaway you need to get the maximum points possible.

As all others are doing the same thing for themselves. Now the participant’s work is over. On the result day the person who is conducting the giveaway will use some software where the software chooses the winner based on some algorithm. It is totally unknown for the participants who will win the giveaway, but the person having the highest points have the maximum probability of winning it.

How to conduct a Giveaway?

Now conducting giveaway has been made very much simpler as now many software are there where you don’t need to do anything, as everything is done automatically.

Once you upload the code in your website it is good to go. The participants will automatically register themselves in the giveaway and all their information will be stored in a database. Also, the points calculating mechanism will be running in the background.

At the final day when the conductor press the select winner button then automatically the winner is chosen by the software. All you have to do is contact the respective participants and give them the reward.


I hope till now after reading this you must have a complete idea of the Giveaway, how it is conducted and how to participate in it. So I guess you now know how to participate in it. That’s the real motive of me of educating you and people like you about the giveaway.

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