Before just answering the question I want to ask you that if ever you have used any of these udemy courses, then how do you feel yourself?

If it’s a yes then please go ahead further! Again if it’s a no also you can read further. Just joking. Its up to your perception about any course which makes it good or bad. Because the instructor who has made the course must have tried his best it assembling all the important things which are important to be added in the course. And chances of mishappening is a common thing.

We just cannot say the worth of any udemy course just by seeing the course. Because behind every course there is a lot of labor and time spent. If you are searching for something in any course and if its not there then it may become a worthless course for me. Again if I found what’s desired by me then the same course is having so much of worth. Such an irony isn’t it!

What is Udemy?

Are Udemy Courses Really Worth the Money?

Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platform which has a vast range of subjects within it and the number is increasing day after day. It has more than 70 thousand courses and those are divided into more than 140 categories.

More than 100 million people monthly enroll in different courses on Udemy.

Its quite different from other existing online platforms. Here anyone can create a new course and start selling it on Udemy. There is so much of freedom for the people who are joining it. is one of the unique tutorial platforms for every kind of subjects like Computer Scientists, Technology, fashion, Gardening, etc. The complete platform is full of instructors who are having knowledge in their respective field. Again you don’t need to be a professional to use Udemy.

If the instructors think that his courses should have a separate category for all kinds of people then he can easily categorize them into Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

Where the Beginner stage is for those enrollees who are very much fresh to the subject. One can say they have no idea about the subject. So in this stage, they have a basic understanding of the subject which will be beneficial for them in the later stage to understand the subject clearly.

Next comes the Intermediate Stage, it is for those people who have a basic understanding of the subject but lack a clear understanding of its application and higher knowledge. As just having a basic understanding is not enough, you need to have something more than to have a clearer picture of the subject.

Lastly comes the Expert Stage, it is for those people who have cleared the basic and intermediate stage. Like they a quality knowledge about the subject. This stage is having a very less quantity of enrollees because those who are really interested in the subject will only be interested to learn the expert course. Again it will not be self-explanatory, but you need to have that knowledge to learn things yourself. Spoonfeeding is now gone and you have to do your own research in finding the results intended.

Is Udemy Legit?

Yes, its completely legit. As Udemy is already featured in many top sites like Forbes and Mashable. Here daily millions of people visit the site to learn new things which are not so categorically available elsewhere.

Are Udemy Courses really worth the money?

However, like any other platform, this platform has also good and bad courses. And those who are not liking the Udemy platform must have experienced some of the bad courses which are difficult to ignore as well.

While the number of quality gurus is very less so the courses which are generally freely available are not having so much of standard. So you need to be very much careful in choosing the right kind of legit courses for yourself.

Is Udemy Worth it as a Place to Learn?

Given the costs of the courses, I would say that some courses in Udemy are more than its worth for the money which you are providing.

As you can see yourself that many other online learning platforms are charging so much money for the courses. Compared to that Udemy is actually charging very less. If you are really interested in learning then you can easily grasp every information from the available courses and be a better knowledgeable person after completing the course.

One thing should be very much clear to you that the Udemy Certification has not that much credibility. Because you just cannot expect an online free course to provide you the same kind of value like the university degree. But it is also not true that learning new things here will not help in the later stage of your career. As knowledge can be earned from each and every segment of our daily life.

What kind of Courses does Udemy Offer?

Udemy offers a very wide range of Courses. It includes technical courses, business courses, designing courses, gardening courses, hobby courses, computer courses and many more.

Again many different instructors used to provide their knowledge through their courses. So you need to check for the rating and reviews before joining any courses.

Advantages of joining Udemy and using it

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of joining Udemy and using it.

1. Always have Access To Purchases

Once you own your udemy course then its their in your account for lifetime. Whenever you want to use it you can do it easily.

2. Content is always evolving

The Instructors of Udemy always try to improve their courses by constantly updating the course materials with new and fresh contents.

3. Self-Paced in nature

The Udemy Videos are made short so it will not create any kind of confusion. Again you have the options to control the videos as you like.

4. It has the feature of Chat Rooms and Message Boards

In many udemy courses, you can find the option of chat rooms and message boards. If you have any kind of issues then you can contact them directly and the instructor will respond to you within a time frame.

5. Having Ratings and Reviews

For getting a clear idea for the course the feature of rating and reviews are made available. Now the students of the courses can post their reviews and rating once they have completed the course. Doing which will help other students in deciding the best course for themselves.

6. Get Certified

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate of completion. Again it may not have that much value but it creates a sense of completion in our minds.

Again it helps us in preparing for various certification. As those certificates are necessary for any college or job interview.


Just purchasing a course and not devoting time to it will not result in anything worthy, but you need to spend some time in implementing whatever is given in the course.

Also choosing the course is very important because you happened to choose a poor quality of course then it will not only waste your time but also your energy as well. So do watch for ratings and reviews before choosing any courses for yourself.

Is Udemy worth it? It absolutely is if you make it worth it.

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