Just running a giveaway is not enough, as it will be just wasting the time, energy and money. Do you understand what I just mean by that? If not then you have to read the article in order to understand it better.

Be it a giveaway or anything else, whatever you do you need to plan it earlier and also strategically work it out prior to that. By doing so you can reap the maximum benefit out of that. But before that, you need to understand what is your goal and why you are doing that. It will give you a clear idea about the things which you will be planning later.

Now lets come to the point!

The idea is how to run a profitable giveaway. Its much is different than just running a giveaway. Maybe it sounds similar but behind a successful giveaway, there is proper planning and dedication. But in a regular giveaway, it is just any other giveaway. So if you are seriously planning to have a profitable giveaway for your blog or brand then you need to focus on some things which I will be explaining later in this article.

If you want to make your giveaway profitable and you are dead serious about that then let’s take this case a further step and just dive in. Be patient as this is key for making any giveaway successful. So just start right away.

What is a Profitable Giveaway?

A profitable giveaway is very much similar to a regular giveaway. But much strategy is used behind it which makes it a profitable giveaway. Similar to any task, if you want to make anything successful or rather we can say profitable then we need to follow some code of conducts. Following which you surely can get what you have intended to get at the end of it.

Same goes for Giveaway also, here also you need to follow these steps religiously then only you can reap the fruit in the end. Going forward I will be sharing with you some of the secrets which play the key role in making the giveaway profitable. So stay tuned with me and don’t miss these awesome secrets.

Rules to Run a Profitable Giveaway

Let’s discuss how we can run a giveaway in a profitable manner.

First set the goal of the giveaway

It should be the main purpose behind starting any giveaway. You need to decide whether you only want to increase social engagement or also you are interested in link building strategy. We need to be very sure about the type of promotion beforehand. Apart from that, you also need to set the budget which you will be investing in the ongoing giveaway. By this, you will get a clear picture of the giveaway before even it is started.

The reward you will be giving away, and duration up to which you will run the giveaway?

It depends upon the objective of your giveaway, your budget, audience that what you will give your users as a reward at the end of the giveaway. Fairly you must have thought about it earlier because you can’t just give away anything which is not relevant to your users. As it will create dissatisfaction among them and as a result of which it may happen that then mayn’t show the interest you must have been thinking of.

Which is again a bad thing for your giveaway. So choose the reward wisely that will be beneficial for your users.

Regarding the duration, try to make it 1 month as its sounds logical and practical. Also, it will provide enough time to get most out of the giveaway, again its not very long that people will forget about your giveaway.

Create your giveaway using Software

Rather then manually building the giveaway you should try using some automated software as they are more convenient and also handy. Here you can create multiple entries so in one giveaway you will be able to fulfill your multiple objectives. Also, these are really automatic so you don’t have to worry about anything and the software will do everything for you.

Definitely Add the widget to your site and to the Facebook

Actually, once you have created the giveaway using the software then you should definitely embed the code to your site and Facebook. Its just the copy paste work and anybody can do it easily.

Create benchmarks for yourself

Even before you start the giveaway, you should the benchmark for yourself in a document. Before you launch your Giveaway, create a document for yourself with your benchmarks. Some examples are like: – the number of like more, number of retweets or increase in the youtube subscribers.

Create an email database for future use

In the giveaway, you can build up a list of email subscribers. Those who participate in the giveaway. Doing that will help you to have a readymade database for yourself which you can use for all your promotion and many things. Also, these are your true devotee who will increase your chances of conversion if you are selling something.

Submit your giveaway

On the internet there are a large number of sites are already there which used to promote giveaways and contests. And the good news is most are free, and some also take a small amount of money to make your giveaway more visible to their audiences. You get it right it will ultimately increase your visibility which will be a positive impact for you.

Try reaching out to those who promote the giveaway

If you search on the internet some blogs are basically full-fledged dedicated to promoting Giveaways. These are typically run by the bloggers who stay at home and also by home entrepreneurs. They are themselves searching for giveaways and sweepstakes, so if you directly reach them then they will be happy to have your giveaway listed in their website and blogs.

Previously determine the promotions budget & have a complete track over the outreach

Its wise to stay organized in any process. Same goes for giveaway also. So you need to estimate the budget beforehand and have a complete track over your promotional expenditure, simultaneously have a check over the outreach so that it will be easy for you to keep a track of where your giveaway is proceeding.

Be transparent while choosing the winner

If your giveaway has come to an end and its now time to choose the winner. Then you need to be very much careful in choosing that. Your action should be fully biased and it should be transparent or else people will think that you are just conducting some fake giveaway.

You can place the winner in your Giveaway page on your website which will create a genuineness in the mind of others. Again thank everybody to be a part of the giveaway.

Finally, Mail out the prize

It’s a common practice that the organizer just sends the reward in a boring box. But you shouldn’t do that, but you need to make it beautiful. You can add a personalized letter or something like that which will make the winner feel special.

Again you can request him to share the winning experience with other over social media or website (if he has it). It will encourage others to participate more and win awesome giveaway prizes from you.


I know you must have understood the reason why I have shared this article “How to run a profitable Giveaway” with you. I want to share some of the working tips with you so that it will help you to achieve more than what I have secured. So I guess you now know how to run a profitable giveaway.

That’s the real motive of me of educating you and people like you about the giveaway.

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