Running a giveaway single-handedly is not everyone’s game. Because for running a giveaway you need the money and not everyone has that much present with them. So in order to solve this issue comes the partnership with brands. When any brand comes forward to sponsor the giveaway which you have planned to conduct than a maximum of your tension just goes away. You can better your effort for the content and the full preparation of the giveaway.

But you need to understand that it is very much essential to work with the right set of people or brands which ultimately drives more sale and results in brand awareness for your products and services. But again this is also not that much easy task to do as you need to learn how to do it and then only you will be able to know how to partner with brands for giveaways.

Here in this article, we will be discovering the actual ways which are working in the present times for getting genuine sponsorship for conducting the giveaways. But before that, you need to understand some basics that how things work. So going forward we will be discussing the steps which should be followed in order to have the things done. So let’s just get started.

How to Partner with Brands for Free Giveaways?

How to Partner with Brands for Free Giveaways

Here we will be discussing the steps which you would be following to partner with different brands for the free giveaways for your website or blog.

#1: It is necessary to find the Potential Influencers

In order to get the right kind of exposure, it is very much required that we have the right potential influencers. For finding the potential influencers there are many ways and I will be telling you the most applied ones.

Need to do Research

If you want the best blogger partner for you then you need to search for them all over the social media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other. You can use specific hashtags to do things quickly and effectively.

Again you can use the BuzzSumo (one of the influencer discovery tool) to find the right kind of influencer. Here you can use the keywords like if you want somebody from fitness then search with those keywords which are relevant to this area.

Take a survey from the audience:-

This is another way where you can ask your audience to tell you about the most popular influencer out there. To do this you can take the help of surveys.

Use Software

Again you can use the software like GroupHigh. This software will do the task easy for you by categorizing the list based on topics, contents, location, and others. Now you can use the filter in finding the right blogger and influencer for yourself.

Try using Blogger Talent Agency

If you have a budget with yourself and you have decided to find the best in the industry then you can always spend some extra bucks in hiring the blogger talent agency.

These agencies have the right set of bloggers and market influencers already working with them side by side. Being their members you can also use them to find the best in the industry.

#2: Choose the Right Blogger

If you have found the set of bloggers then it is necessary to choose the best out of them which will suit perfectly based upon our needs. So let’s know how we can do it for choosing the right bloggers.

Look at their Posting Platforms and Frequency

It is very important for you to have such a blogger in the team who are very much consistent with their work. You need to have the most active ones as they are ones which you actually need.

Their Social Media Following Size

They say it’s just the number, the bigger the better. Bloggers having the largest number of social media following ultimately brings more traffic at the end. And in order to have a greater reach, you need those social followings.

Again while promoting the giveaway this reach will be very much beneficial.

Check their history for previous Partners and Sponsors

Before signing them for your giveaway check with their previous partners and sponsors. Look at their past record and check how they have performed in the past. Also, you can see if the final results are up to the mark or not.

#3: Now its time to Pitch the Giveaway Concept

Once you have selected the set of bloggers and those market influencers then its time to tell them your idea and the concept behind the giveaway. For this, you can directly either contact them or just email them the main idea of your upcoming giveaway.

You should add something unique to the mail which you are planning to send which will make you stand out of those generic emails which they usually get in large numbers. You can always relate with them with your brand and how it will be going to be a benefit on both sides. Also, don’t just blabbers thing which you have no idea of as it will obviously sound like a generic one.

You can convince them with your talent that why the giveaway which you are going to conduct is having so much relevance for their audience as well. And tell them the long term partnership which will be developed once this tie-up is done accordingly.

Finally, don’t forget to attach some sort of deadline, it will create a positive response for them as they will begin to think that you are really interested with the tie up and you look serious when it comes to business.

#4: Wisely draft the contract

Once you have chosen the blogger with whom you will be going to work within the upcoming giveaway. Its time not to waste somewhere but do with the contract as its better to hurry then to be sorry.
The contract creates a sense of confidence with both of the parties. They are now assured that nobody will run away from the deal.

And simultaneously it bonds the relationship between them.
Again before drafting the contract, you should be looking for some main points in it which are generally the most important things to look at and just cannot be ignored.


You need to be very much clear about your final goal and should convey the same to the blogger also. By this, it helps him to understand what’s need to be done and what’s his role in it.

The delivery date and some key dates

Time is one of the most important things when it comes to giveaways. It should be very much clear from the beginning that when and how long will the giveaway be running.
The exact amount of time the blogger need to spend in promoting the giveaways with his/her social followings.

The creative work they will be doing while promoting things.
Importantly the duration of the giveaway and what’s a need to done in that period of time.

Payment Schedules

Regarding the payments, it should be discussed beforehand or it will create a nuisance in the upcoming time. And nobody wants to be part of that.

So it’s better to decide with each other about the payment and how the blogger will be taking it like at once or with installments. You need to understand the demand of the blogger about the payments. As some charge, it hourly while some take it as a full assignment.

Whichever you are okay with you can discuss with them clearly and then work accordingly.
Make sure whatever it is, it should be in writing, so nobody can back out with it.


Once everything is set it time to start your giveaway and wait how your research will give you results. If you have done the homework well then you should be confident with the results also. Rest it depends upon the time and surrounding and nobody has control over it.

What we can do is just do the things in the strategic ways and just in time. Rest it depends upon the situation that how things will be going forward.

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