If you want the actual attention of the viewers, then I would suggest that Giveaway is one such great way which can attract more readers to your blog and simultaneously increase your followership also. But the main problem which arises is that the majority of the people don’t know exactly how to organize a giveaway.

It’s not that much easy if you are new to this field and you have to face a lot of difficulties here and also you are going to lose money also without getting any followers or any following. I am not saying that you will get everything to know after reading this article but yes after reading this you will have a basic about giveaways and how they should be conducted to gain maximum benefit out of it.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of things which are related to giveaways, but that is not possible for someone to explain each and everything in details that to in one article. Therefore I will be sharing with you some of the steps which anyone of you can easily understand and also apply in your blog for getting good results.

So without much wasting your precious time lets get started and get to know how to organize a giveaway. I am very much happy to say that after reading this you will be definitely happy to know that you have gained some good knowledge from this article. So let’s get started.

How to Host a Giveaway?

Here we will be getting to know those steps which are required to organize a giveaway.

Step 1 – Choose your Giveaway Reward

Choosing the right reward is one of the most important things for any giveaway. As this is what the viewers are going to see first before even deciding to join the giveaway. You need to be little careful in deciding it or it may result in the flop of the giveaway in the later time.

Research your viewers and think what suits them the most, from this you will get an idea about the reward your viewers must be liking. The reward should be related to your niche, like if you have a technology blog then any software, gadgets, devices will do the work. If you plan to give any garments, sweets or flower set then it will be a big no from them.

Choosing the wrong items for the giveaway will destroy the very essence of the giveaway and will make it a great failure. You need to think from the reader’s perspective, or if you have any list of your followers then you can directly ask them about the prize suggestion for the upcoming giveaway.

Finally, after spending a good amount of time, you will get to know about the items which will suit your giveaway.

Step 2 – Always look for Giveaway Sponsors

If you are a newbie to this segment and this is first or second giveaway then chances are there that you may not be able to afford the giveaway price single-handedly, and in order to solve this problem, sponsorship comes into play.

If you decided a nice and attractive prize for the giveaway and you don’t have the necessary cash to pay for it then you can always look for sponsorship.

As having a sponsorship is actually a two-way benefit for the sponsored and the blogger who is conducting the giveaway. Where the blogger gets someone to sponsor the giveaway there the sponsor also gets right kind of audience for their products. You can say the right kind of exposure.

But in order to get the right kind of sponsor you need to reach out for them. You can call them or email them and explain the reason for the giveaway and how it would be beneficial for them to sponsor your giveaway.

If you are successful in convincing them then you are good to go for the giveaway. The benefit of the sponsorship is not limited to traffic, social media followers or fa page like but also you will get the required attention towards your brand value also.

Step 3 – Decide the perfect set of Giveaway Rules

Every giveaway has its own set of rules. And while deciding the giveaway you also need to set your own set of rules. These rules give a clear idea to the participants about how the giveaway is going to function, how to join it and get the maximum out of it, how the winners are selected and so on.

The dos and don’t should be clearly mentioned so it will not create any kind of confusion for the participants. Again tell them if its point-based winner or a random one. The rules have the highest priority in any kind of giveaway. And all are below the rule.

Step 4 – Choosing the Giveaway Duration

Duration has great value in any giveaway. And you must decide it earlier when you are going to start it and when it needs to be ended.

Many digital marketers have different opinion related to the duration of the giveaway. Some think it should be short while some go by the longer ones. But I think it totally depends upon the organizer how long he/she is going to host the giveaway.

It may be 5 days, 7 days or even one month. It the final reward is that much interesting then conducting it for long would be a good choice. Rest it’s totally up to you that how much duration you are going to spend in your giveaway.

Step 5 – Use of Softwares for Your Giveaway

Now many different software and plugins are available over the internet using which you can easily create a nice and crispy giveaway. You no longer need to hire someone to do the job for you.
Again the majority of this software are free, so you don’t have to spend a single dime over creating a giveaway for yourself.

You just need to google it out about the best giveaway creator out there. And soon you will be getting a lot of recommendation for yourself. I myself use these free software to create my giveaway and you can surely do yours.

Step 6 –Spreading the news of the Giveaway

Whatever may be the giveaway or the reward which you are going to present the winner. If people will not be able to know about the giveaway then it is of no need to conduct such giveaway.

I mean to say the spreading the news of the giveaway is really essential. You can take the help of every social media channel whichever it may be to spread the news about it.

You just need to create hype around the giveaway and rest all will be done by the people itself. Creating the right kind of awareness will definitely help in increasing participation.

Step 7 – Picking the Giveaway Winners

Picking the winners in the giveaway is totally easy as there is this software which will help us to choose the winner.

Mind that once the giveaway is over then it is very much necessary to choose the winner and also declare it. It builds trust in the mind of the participants, then begins to think of you as genuine people.

You can easily pick the winners by logging into your account with whichever of the giveaway app you used by following their guide. And here it ends here.


Giveaways are necessary for building the right kind of audience. So there is a need to know how to organize the giveaway in a correct set of ethics. Because following the right strategy will give you the right kind of results for which you have planned the giveaway. Hope you have got the basic idea of conducting the giveaway.

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