Do you want to win a given giveaway? If your answer is yes then this article is going to be a very productive one so please read it thoroughly.

If you are reading our blog for a long while then you must be knowing that it basically concentrate upon the Giveaways, Freebies, and Contests. You may have also read articles related to conducting giveaways and how to make most out of the giveaway. But today’s topic is quite different and now on this one, we will be getting to know how we can increase the chances of winning a giveaway.

It may sound surreal, but it’s true that if you do the thorough research and have an experience over how the giveaways and contests are working in the background then you have the major chances of winning it rather than any other contestants. Winning the giveaways are not entirely luck but if you know the secrets then you can also be the winner of many.

Running contest or giveaways is one of those techniques which brands, companies or bloggers often do in order to boost engagement with their brands. But very few know the actual working behind of it.

How to Increase your Chances of Winning the Giveaway?

Contest or Giveaways results aren’t always random — and if you understand how they work, you can easily boost your chances of winning. But in order to understand it better, you need to first understand and then follow the 6 rules which are really important in desired success.

So without making you wait any more let’s get started and get to know those 6 rules that you should follow

1) Start thinking like a contest planner

If you have to promote a brand and the brand have provided with a pile of t-shirts carrying their brand symbol to giveaway. Your main goal here is to use those giveaways in front of the people so that more people will get to know about your brand. I mean to say you need to do brand awareness here.

For small brand not having a huge following its really a very difficult task because very few will be interested to take part in that giveaway, so the brand publicity might not be able to happen.
It’s really a very challenging task for the person who is conducting the giveaway but it’s a great opportunity for the participants as they have very less competition and their chances of winning are the highest.

2) You need to Exploit social media, email lists, and hashtags

The thing is unless you are aware of the ongoing giveaway or contests, you have zero chances of winning them. So you need to follow then online like the local businesses, venues, boards everything from wherever you can get the news.

Using your email you can sign up with those companies whose products you like and you will get every notification about any such contests or giveaways. Again you can easily filter those emails to find the exact thing which you are looking for.

Have the full use of the social media accounts so that you can directly follow those brands and follow them as “see first”. As often the majority of the brands used to publish any such contests or giveaways first on their social media pages.

Again you can always follow them on Twitter and get all the notification on your dashboard.

3) Set up smart searches for contests

First, you need to choose your favorite ones and then you can choose the tools which will help you to prioritize your choice and show those which are much more important to you.

For this, you need to set up smart searches for the contests. Because there are chances for missing the things at the right time due to so much of online noise. As to counter that you can choose some keywords like contests, giveaways, freebies, etc. These will filter the most from the exactly important ones.

Doing these type of things actually helped me a lot in finding the contests in the right time which many actually misses out.

Also, you can take advantage of filtering technologies like Google promotion tab or any other software.

4) Creating separate, contest-specific accounts

Subscribing to a lot of channels and website can actually fill our inbox with spam and real emails. Real email is those contests email only. So it becomes a very tedious task of separating the real things out of the spams.

In order to make it easy you can create separate accounts for contests, and it will help us know specifically about the contests only at the right time. It will be easy for us to check these accounts twice or thrice daily and we will receive all the important information at a time.

It may sound little annoying for you and your friends, but some contest promoters are more likely to choose winners with an active social media presence and more online followers. You got my point right.

5) Try being productive for the brand

Many contest managers sometimes pick the winner randomly but often the winners are pre-selected.

The contest managers want to promote their brands and if they see the qualities in your account then they will definitely choose you.

As you will be helping them to promote their brand with your followers. And it will be providing them with an extra boost.

Here also the real account having a good following have more preference than the secondary account with no nearby actions. So be active in all the social media platforms and mark your presence there.

6) Look for big openings, first-time openings acts

People often spend nice money in the opening or launching. And in order to make it a crowd they often take the help of contests and giveaways. As often it creates a buzz around it and resulting in creating a lot of gathering.

In these contests, you can actually read all of the contests as the crowd is very less and you have an experience from all the past contests which you have participated in. Just choose those events where actually you have an interest or else the rewards will be useless for you if it doesn’t interest you.


You see winning in the contests is so much easy. Had it been previously told to you then you must have reaped some up till now. But its never too late to begin anything. Same goes for the giveaways also.

You can easily follow the steps which are described here in the article and get the most out of it. Again you can add your intelligence also and create some awesome tricks of your own.

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