This is one of the most searched questions over the internet then how to get paid Udemy courses for free? From this, we can infer that all of want to get the courses for free and also not spend a single dime over that.

When we speak about online learning, then the first picture which suddenly comes to our picture is Udemy. Since its foundation in 2010, Udemy is the most sought for a place for any kind of online courses. From sources, we come to know that it has more than 70,000 courses and continuing. And this makes it one of the most popular and online teaching platform over the internet.

If we look at what Udemy has to offer, then we can see that it covers around nine different categories and which includes more than 140 sub-categories in it. From it, you can estimate the broadness of subjects in terms of their categories and subcategories. This broadness attracts more than 50 million of students towards itself, and they enrol here to get the benefit of these subjects. Again it has a good strength of more than 50k instructors which actually makes a strong teaching base. So that the enrolled students are benefited from the diversity of the subjects.

Again Udemy supports a total of more than 50 different languages. So you can guess that whatever course you may be searching, you will definitely find some of the other things here. You can get a course associated with every other skill. However, these courses are not all Free. Some premium courses are also paid. Instead one can say the majority of the courses are here spent ones.

How to Download Paid Udemy Courses for Free

Get Paid Udemy Courses for Free

Since most of the courses are paid ones, so it is not feasible for everyone to purchase the course paying the desired amount. And that is why they always look for some kind of tricks or any coupons using which they can get the paid udemy course for free.

And if you are also one of them, then you have reached the exact place where you will be getting the basic tips which will be going to help you get the paid course for free.

One thing you must be very clear that we don’t use or promote to use any black-hat methods. But we will be discussing here those legal ways which anyone can use fearlessly to get the udemy courses for free.

How one can receive UDEMY Courses for FREE?

Here we will be discussing those steps using which one can quickly receive Udemy Courses for Free.

Filtering the new courses

It’s a standard policy that every new instructor follows in Udemy that the new courses are often initially listed as free courses. But these courses are there for a short period, and also it has a certain quantity of open enrollments, after that the path becomes paid automatically.

So you need to be very much careful in choosing the right course for yourself. And who knows you may be lucky to get the desired course for free.

Directly Reaching out to the instructor

Many people just don’t give it a try but believe me its worth it to try for it once. Many don’t try out of embarrassment and the fear of rejection. But if you think like not getting the course for free also is fine with you then you can actually reach to them once.

And believe me, the new instructors actually respond if you provide them with the valid reasons which will convince them. Again you can ask them for free courses and many times they just provide the 100% coupons or at least provide you with as high as 90% coupons which really makes the courses affordable for anyone to purchase it

Visit any coupons-listing websites

On the internet, there are a lot of genuine coupons listing websites which lists the 100% off coupons. Again they collect it from trusted sources I guess.

But many a time these courses are valid, and you need to be quick in enrolling in your course of choice. These courses are updated at a regular interval so you need to subscribe these websites to get the notification of any such courses when they are listed on the website.

There is some website like DiscUdemy, Guru99, UdemyCoupon, which actually lists the free paid courses regularly. Just visit these websites daily in order to get the information about any new courses which is available free.

Search on Social Media like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter:

Many pages and groups on Facebook actually list these kinds of courses. Subscribing them, you can get the new updates about the paid udemy courses.

Also, you can search them using specific keywords like “Udemy coupons”, “Udemy free courses” on these social media, and most probably you will be getting the coupons of the courses that to entirely free.

Using Telegram channels

Yes in Telegram Messenger you can find many such channels which list the free udemy courses. Just subscribing to these channels will be helpful for you get the notification regarding the new paid courses.

Also, you can request for the desired courses to the channel owners and in the following times, you can get information regarding the paid courses which are available to download.
Again keep in mind that you will get a lot of websites which will be promising you to enrol with them to get the free udemy courses update. But very few of them are actually genuine. Rest all are fake there.

The pricing of the courses are all controlled by the course instructor, so it totally depends upon him/her to decide the prices of the courses. And based on their choice they can fluctuate the costs of these courses. Sometimes in order to increase the number of enrollment they give the courses for completely free.

Also once you enroll for any udemy course, it will be there in your account. And you can refer to it whenever you want to.


You if you have reached upto this part of the article then you should be knowing by now the tricks which you can be applying in getting the paid udemy courses for free. Again all the ways mentioned above are legal and anyone can apply them to take the benefit.

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Believe me, you will never get disappointed with your decision.

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