Giveaway or Contests is one of that effective way where you can get a great outcome just by giving something valuable to your users. Again it’s a shortcut formula in a way which anyone can implement for their own benefit.

But you must be wondering what the giveaway which you will be giving to the winner also costs some money from your end, and is it possible to do that completely free? I mean to say that is it possible to get free sponsors for tour upcoming contests and giveaways? If possible then how can anyone get one?

If you are also searching answers for this kind of questions then you are at a right place as today in this article I am going to discuss with you some of the basic fundas which you can easily apply in this regard for getting free sponsors for your giveaways. That to it will be going to be completely free. Literary you will not have to spend a single dime on that.

So are you excited now?

If yes then please go further, and explore the tips which are currently working in the present time and you can also implement them for your own benefit.

In the present time, bloggers and also digital marketers are taking advantage of the social media for conducting the giveaways. As they have the vast amount of audience which is required for the successful conduction of the giveaways. Again getting a free giveaway fully sponsored from the respective brand or company is really a very nice idea.

But for getting such kind of exposure you need also the right kind of skill set to express your deal and contact them in the right way. Just sending the email will not do the deal as nothing comes so easy. However, it’s not impossible also. If done with the systematic and strategic planning you can easily crack the deal for sure.

How to Get Giveaway Sponsors for Free?

How to get giveaway sponsors for free

Speaking about bloggers it really doesn’t matter which niche you are from. You may be a tech blogger, or fashion blogger or pet blogger. Be you, anyone, you always have the things which you can easily ask your respective brands to sponsor that for you.

For example, if you are a tech blogger then you can ask for software, premium themes, likewise, if you are fashion blogger then you can also ask for any fashion related items which are really beneficial for your audience. Whatever may be your niche you can always find the right kind of contests or giveaways to conduct and also providing the right rewards to your participants.

As long as the term free is associated with it, will do the work themselves. Let’s get to the point of running a giveaway fully sponsored by the brands.

Get Free Sponsors For your Giveaway

If you in the blogging field then you must be knowing that the thing promotion actually works when you are doing good in your niche. And many brands or companies are mailing you once in a while for showcasing their product to your audience.

This is actually done because you have the right kind of targeted audiences which they will not get so much easily elsewhere. Again providing you with some free samples will not create any loss for them either. And for you also getting something for free for your audience is better than nothing.

Also rather than the free sample if there is a chance for being sponsored for the giveaway which you are going to conduct will definitely a better idea for both of you.

If you are writing a formal letter to the brand from which you are planning to get sponsored then you need to cover some of the points which are very much necessary for the deal.

In the beginning, you should describe yourself and your blog. Tell them a brief thing about everything which you think are important to them. Through this they will get to know you better and how you are doing the thing which may be beneficial for them.

Secondly, you can tell them about how much sales you are bringing for other brands who are already an associated member of yours. And how you have done so much in increasing the sales for them in their new products. Even if you are not doing any kind of sales but also you need to make them realize that you are going to be beneficial for them.

Thirdly you can show them your statistics on the number of visitors, the conversion rate and a number of footprints. These are really important and often ignored. The pictorial representation helps anyone to clearly understand the thing which is very much difficult to make somebody understand through the words.

If you will be adding these points to your email then it will cover most of the relevant things which are actually necessary for the agenda.

Again it is not in our hands that whether the opposite side will just buy our words and be ready to sponsor our giveaway, but rest assured that we have done the maximum from our side and its up to them if they accept or reject.

Sometimes it may take time as those big brands receive such email in a huge quantity and it’s really difficult from their side also to process the emails in a short time. So please keep some patience and wait for your turn to be informed.

One thing you can do is send a follow-up email that to after a gap of days. It shows your concern about the deal and how much you are really eager for that to take place.

You can create an excel file of all those brands to which you have contacted for the giveaway. This will help you to keep a track of all the emails sent and the remaining ones.

Also, you can think that every developer who is creating a new product will have to spend some money on its marketing and promotion. And if you as a blogger is contacting them to sponsor the giveaway then it exactly is a great chance for them to bring their product before a huge audience that to targeted ones. Also, they have many things covered simultaneously in the same deal.

Chances are that most developers will accept your sponsorship proposal because they will directly benefit from sponsoring your contest/giveaway.

Again one thing almost all used to forget is that not contacting the PR team after the contest or giveaway gets over. But you should maintain communication with them and its really important because it creates a bonding between the two and who knows they may contact you for their new product launch.


Till now you must have a basic idea of conducting the free giveaway, where the complete event is being sponsored by the brand. It really is a great thing as you are conducting a giveaway for your viewers and giving them some value at the same time you are not spending a single dime over that.

It’s really a win-win situation for you. Hope you will also give it a try for just once and who knows you may be able to crack a deal for yourself.

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