This is the age of the Internet. And in this internet age, every other activity is done online be it buying, selling, reading, etc. You just name it and some way or the other you will surely find that it is somehow attached to online activities.

Then when it comes to online promotion, how it will be different from others. If you are thinking just like me then hurray, because you got my point. In these Internet times, online promotion is also done using the internet. You all must have heard about the Giveaways many a time. But three more similar activities are also equally famous in the giveaway world. Those are Contest, Sweepstakes, and Lottery.

I know many of you are already acquainted with these giveaway terms. And its a good news that you are aware of. But many others are still there who have just listened to these words for the very first time. And if you know it earlier then its ok but for those who are new, today’s post “Difference between a contest, sweepstake and lottery” is going to be very informational one. And today we not only going to learn about these terms but also going to educate ourselves about the critical difference between them and how slightly they differ from each other.

So without delaying any further, let’s dive inside the world of online promotion and learn about contest, sweepstakes, and lottery.

What is a Contest?

The contest is such a competition where the participants compete against each other to win the competition. Here these participants try to perform better than others in order to outperform others in the game.

The contest generally has points included in it, and those participants who have the highest scores among others is concluded as the winner. So every other participant uses their skills and does hard work to achieve the maximum points in that competition so that they can be declared as the contest winner in the end. We can think of contest as a game of skill. The better you have, the better chances you have to win.

What are Sweepstakes?

However the sweepstakes are entirely different from the contest, it is purely based over the luck of participants. Their skills or labor has nothing to do with winning the sweepstakes.
Here a luck based drawing of the participant’s numbers is done and the luckiest member will win in the end. The participants don’t have to do anything but they just need to keep quiet and wait for the results declared. And if he/she got luckier then he can freely take away the reward with him without being objected by anybody.

For talented and laborious people these sweepstakes don’t have any meaning at all. As they don’t feel the competitive feeling while participating in the Sweepstakes as they felt before in the contest. So its basically a dead contest for them. As we don’t have any control luck, so its worthless to just use your time and energy over there. Anyhow if you got lucky then automatically you will get the reward, whereas if not just participate in another sweepstake and try your luck there. Hence its called the game of chance.

What is a Lottery?

The lottery is completely different from the previous two those are contest and sweepstake. As here in order to participate in the ongoing lottery you as a participant have to first have to pay in order to play further. Whereas in the previous two you don’t have to pay anything in order to participate.

In a lottery, every participant has to take part by purchasing the tickets to enter. You can take as many lottery tickets as you prefer and increase your chances of winning. And once all the ticket is sold. The issuer will choose a random lottery number from the pile of all the tickets, and the luckiest participant will be the winner. Here also the matter of luck is given much importance.

Here one thing is sure that you can increase your winning chances just by purchasing more lottery tickets. But again one major demerit is you have to pay first without you knowing if you will be able to win the lottery or not. Just by trying your luck. But the rest two you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

What is the Difference Between a Contest, Sweepstakes, & Lottery?

Till now you all must have understood what a contest is, sweepstakes and lottery. So whenever the question of online promotion arises, you will surely hear these three words frequently.
Now it depends upon the person who is going to conduct the online promotion that which type he will be implementing in his online advertising. As every promotion is different from each other.

While at first glance, it may seem to be very similar and also confusing at the same time. But there are distinct differences between each.

Speaking about the cost for the participants than it is free for Contest and Sweepstakes, but they have to pay upfront in Lottery.

Again using skills and practice then contest is best for them rather than sweepstakes and lottery as they are entirely dependent over luck.

If you are somebody, who thinks his/her luck is very trustworthy that you can take a chance for sweepstakes and lottery. As it will be difficult for you to participate in contests.

In Sweepstakes and Lottery, a random drawing is conducted and winners are selected accordingly. But thats not the case for the contest. Here winning is very much under participants control whereas its not in sweepstakes and lottery.

Lottery and Sweepstakes are completely Game of Luck but Contest is ultimately Game of Skill.


If you are reading this then you have read the complete article. And I am happy that you have done that. Now you know what Contests, Sweepstakes, and Lotteries are. Also along with that, you know the difference between them. If you understood that then its a great news for me as thats the real motive of me of educating you and people like you about the types of the giveaway.

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