Be it Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media, every internet marketer is trying his best in growing the numbers of following. It has become a marketing mindset of increasing the numbers. The larger the number and following more users are attracted towards it as it’s the reverse psychology. People don’t see the things first or use their own instinct but rather see what others are using and they also follow the same thing.

Now the question arises that how can one grow the number of followings in a short time frame. The best which I found over the internet is through giveaways. Yeah, you heard it right. Through the social media giveaways, we can easily reach our target of the greater number of following.

In growing the social media followers we can use social media giveaways as an optimum tool. Many brands are also doing their best in growing their online presence through social media giveaways.

If you are reading this article then definitely you are also planning to run social media giveaways, but you are not having the budget to do the paid ones so looking for such options where you can do it for free. Exactly for free, just by convincing the bigger brands for doing so. In order to know exactly what works you need to read the article completely. Enough being said let’s get started.

How to convince brands for the Free Social Media Giveaway?

Many of us may not know that many big brands can help you in conducting free social media giveaways and competition if you convince them in the correct manner.

The thing is many of us don’t know that its quite possible and those who know don’t do it in the correct manner. Hence today I am going to reveal the secret in convincing brands for free giveaways.

There are many ways to do it, but I regard these 3 ways to be the best as they work best for many online marketers and bloggers and hope the same for you also. Also, I request you to please follow the order as I have described them as they work best in the order only.

1. You can Direct Email to the most Likely Sponsors
2. You can call For Sponsorship on Your Blog
3. You can use your Other Social Networks for this purpose

1. Using Direct Email to the most likely Sponsors

It’s is one of the most straightforward technique to contact a sponsor. Also, it is considered the best way to get sponsorship for larger rewards. It generally works as you are directly coming to the point rather than hitting around the bush. The big brands actually don’t have time to chit chat with you, so directly telling them the purpose of contacting save both your time as well as theirs.

As a reference, you can use some of these tips in the email which you are going to send to the respective Sponsors.

References you need to follow always :

1. Try to address the person by his/her actual name, for that you need to dig hard over the internet or offline. It’s worth it.

2. In the beginning, introduce yourself as they don’t know.

3. Show some advantages or add a compliment that should be related to their business. Try not to make it just like regular generic email.

4. You can directly request for sponsorship with proper reasons.

5. Tell them at the end what they will get out of it. Or else why they will be interested in you at all.

6. Explain to them your purpose and why you are doing it.

7. Again don’t be so sure to get the sponsor right away, if they are convinced then only they will sponsor you.

8. Last but not the least Close nicely. If it ends well then everything is well.

2. Calling For Sponsorship On Your Blog

If you are new in the field and don’t have the money to sponsor the giveaway then one thing you can easily do that is you can write a blog post asking your readers to sponsor something for your upcoming giveaway or competition.

Again ask them that if they really want to help then only they should contribute. Also, tell them what they will get in return if they help in sponsoring your giveaway. Have an easy option for them to sponsor your giveaway.

3. You can definitely use your other Social Networks for the same

Social Network has a great influence over the people and if you want to take advantage of it then you should. If you have nice followership in different social media platform then you can ask for sponsorship to them and I know they will definitely help you in this regard.

As loyal followers are those who will be the first to help you around. They know the high and low phases of your journey and if they will be somehow helpful in reaching your goal then they will definitely help you with that. You can also take the full advantage of your dedicated network.

I hope you have gotten some the most beneficial and working tips to convince the brands for the free social media giveaway.

Why Giveaways are so Necessary?

Giveaways are so much important because here in the giveaways we are giving back some which we have earned from our viewers.

Same goes for the other freebies, sweepstakes, competitions etc. Having a good media following can help us attract more brands for promotion. And in order to have a nice number of following Giveaways plays a very big role.

As Giveaways are on the most effective way to improve engagement with the targeted audience, grow our social communities. Again better followership represents the trustworthiness. And giving away something for free to the visitors will definitely attract them towards us and this is free marketing.


If you are reading this then you have read the complete article. And I am happy that you have done that. Now you know how to convince brands for the free social media giveaways. Also, you have learned some of the tips which are really working. If you understood that then its a great news for me as that’s the real motive of me of educating you and people like you about the types of the giveaway.

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